29 thoughts on “Wednesday, July 7, 2021”

    1. 2K Row – 8:30.3

      WOD RX – 23:34
      Pull ups – unbroken
      Sit ups – broken as needed
      Air Squats – 9/10 unbroken

  1. 2k Row

    26:15 (did 30 sit-ups first 4 rounds until Purdy asked me what the hell was taking me so long, all other rounds 20).

  2. Love your comment Angie…when you get my age, it’s 6 minutes per year! Especially when you don’t workout for a year!
    2k row: 10:35
    WOD with 10 ring rows, 15 sit ups and 20 air squats ea rd , one rd did jumping pull ups
    At time cap 6 rds,10 ring rows. 15 sit ups and 6 squats .. again just participated!!!
    Berlyn, you did amazing!!!’

  3. 2k row – 7:12.6
    …collapsed after that

    WOD Rx

    awesome noon class – bunch of studs in today’s class! great job! thanks breck

  4. Row: 9:17
    WOD as Rx’d

    Row (1500): 9:30
    As rx’d thru round 6 then switched to KB swings (ripped hands) for remainder:

  5. 2k Row
    8:15: not thrilled with that. Was messing with my damper during and should have just left it alone

    WOD Rx (unanchored sit-ups)
    All unbroken

    KP Power abs

  6. 2k row:
    7:50.8 (so basically 7:51)

    WOD 24:08
    Ripped pull-up 6 in round 7, did GHD instead of pull-ups after that.
    No abmat first 6 rounds- mistake.

    Thanks for sharing your squares with me, Amy and Sam!

  7. 2k Row: 7:44.5 (fried myself here)

    WoD: subbed Ring Rows for Pull Ups
    10-20-30 rep scheme. Capped at 7rds +6 reps.

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