Friday, September 15, 2023

This Saturday, September 16th, CFJ is celebrating our 16th anniversary.  All regular classes are canceled and instead there will be 3 separate events throughout the morning.  After the 3 events are complete the celebration will begin.  

Here is the schedule for Saturday morning:

6:00am-5km run; Show up to the gym and warm-up on your own.  There will be one heat and the start time will be at 6:30am.

8:00am- Interval workout; First heat will start at 8:00am and heats will run every 15 minutes for a total of 4 heats.  Last heat will start at 8:45am.

10:00am- Olympic Total; athletes will get two attempts at the snatch and clean and jerk. First heat starts at 10:00am and will run every 20 minutes for a total of 5 heats.  

12:00pm- Celebration begins!

2 Rounds for time of: 
100’ One Arm OH KB Walking lunge steps 55/35# MRX45/25#
75 Double Unders
50 Kettlebell Swings 55/35# MRX45/25#
25 Kettlebell Goblet Box Step Ups 20” box

22 thoughts on “Friday, September 15, 2023”

  1. 4 rounds of TGU w/ 55#
    Last two rounds did TGU, then right into 25’ OH Lunge, then finished TGU. Something different I tried.

    WOD w/ Singles and 55# KB


  2. TGU – right arm only – up to 30#

    25# KB lunges
    75 singles (dubs were nowhere to be found today)
    35# KB Russian swings (wrist)
    18” step ups – no KB

  3. Turkish Get-ups
    2 on each arm@55
    1 on each arm@70
    1 on each arm@80
    1 on right arm@96

    Movements and weights prescribed but only did 20 reps on step ups each round

  4. Did all Turkish get-ups with 9# KB
    Dan, thanks for the help with them!!
    W/25# KB, step ups to 17” box, and 9#
    KB for one arm OH walking lunges, 150 single jumps
    At 20 minute time cap
    1 rd, plus 100m OH walking lunges and 38 singles

    Took the day off and caught the 9:30 class!

    Turkish getups all @35# thanks to my hip/knee issue and 10 ski cals each round

    w/13# KB OH lunges
    15 bike cals for DUs
    35# KB swings(30/10/10; 30/20)
    20# KB goblet step ups


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