November 10, 2016

Thursday 161110

“The Mighty Marines” by DB
4 RFT: 
-15 Pull-ups
-Row 250m
-5 Push-ups
-50m Bear Crawl
-5 Push-ups
-Row 250m
-15 KBS 53/35lbs
-25 Crunches
-Run 400m

** Crunches = lay flat with feet anchored, arms folded across the chest, raise upper body until both forearms or elbows simultaneously touch the thighs = 1 rep

Post time to responses.


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28 thoughts on “November 10, 2016”

  1. Love this Pic, so much intensity and focus captured. Building our bodies smarter and stronger everyday!
    Amen for The MARINE CORPS!! Thank you for all you did, do and will continue to do for America!
    Go hard for the Marines today CF Jenks!

  2. I needed this WOD after my 2 day Geriatric WOD.

    Round splits
    20:02 (10:42)
    31:10 (11:08)
    42:43 (11:33)

    I tried to adapt and overcome this WOD but it prevailed. Finished in 42:43
    Dang Adam!! Quick time!!!

    “Do one thing every day that scares you.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

  3. Happy Birthday, Marine Corp! Thankful today and everyday for our service men, women and their families!!! God bless America!

    WOD as Rx’d (started slow on that first round of PU’s for my shoulder)

  4. Thank you to all the marines that served and are serving

    WOD as RX’D 31:19
    Didn’t mess the standards up this time lol

    Happy birthday max good job and Shawn you killed it way to hang in the back till me and max died off lol and Ryan way to push hard today good job nooners

  5. phew…this was a good one!

    Very blessed for all those Marines (past and present) who defend our great nation which allows us the privilege to be free! Thank you!

    WOD as Rx – 41:23

    spent some time in the pain cave. Nicole gave me a little pep talk pre-WOD so I ran each 400m (I wanted to substitute that for rowing). And she pretty much stood over me during my last round – felt her eyes piercing the back of my head – so that helped me finish strong, lol!!

    Great job noon class – too many studs to name – you all killed it!!

  6. Tried to sub 1/3 distance handstand walks for the bear crawls, but it took me forever on the first round. Too much time stalled in a handstand.

    41:10, pull-ups, kbs, and crunches unbroken which is a big deal for me!

  7. Row 500m @ damper 1
    Row 500m @ damper 10
    Row 500m @ damper 2
    Row 500m @ damper 9

    Row 500m @ damper 5
    Row 500m @damper 6

    Rest 1min.

    Row 1500m

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