November 12, 2016

Saturday 161112

Time Priority Diane For Reps:
-60sec of Deadlifts 225/155 MRX 185/115
-60sec of HSPU MRX 2/4″ rise
-45sec of Deadlifts
-45sec of HSPU
-30sec of Deadlifts
-30sec of HSPU
-15sec of Deadlifts
-15sec of HSPU
This workout takes 5 minutes, with no rest between exercises.
**Score is Total Reps of deads, HSPU and combined score

Post reps for Deadlifts, HSPU’s and total reps to responses.


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11 thoughts on “November 12, 2016”

  1. 8 mile run
    12 EMOM
    1st: 12 cal row
    2nd: 10 kbs @ 70#
    3rd:5 tire flips w Shannon the beast @ 285#

    Wod as rxd
    56 dl reps
    40 hspu
    Total: 96 reps

  2. Assault Bike: 12-12-10-8
    KBS w/70#: 15-15-0-0
    Tire Flips w/285#: 5-5-5-5

    WOD Rx:
    Deadlifts: 15-8-5-2= 30
    Strict HSPU’s: 20-5-2-2= 29

  3. 12 min scaled option as BB would call it!
    1st: 8 cal on assault bike
    2nd: 5 tire flips (no idea which one i was flipping..couldn’t tell what the numbers showed but it was heavy enough during the min)
    3rd: 55# KB swings..15 first rd and 10 reps for remaining rds
    WOD rx’d with strict HSPU and 155#DL
    40 deadlifts
    57 HSPU’s
    Total=97 reps

  4. 12 emom – took the BB challenge. Mistake!
    12 cal bike
    96lb KB
    90lb sled


    Wanted to do president wod from Tuesday ended up doing 25 god and wussing out and going home

  5. 12m emom
    12 cal bike
    15 KB swings 70# (last round did 10)
    25 m sled push w/ 45# plate

    Not sure on deadlifts but hspu 26.. I was spent after the 12m wod

  6. 12 EMOM
    1st: 12 cal row all @ :40
    2nd: 15 kbs @ 55#
    3rd:5 tire flips w/ the amazing Georgie @ 285#

    Wod as rxd
    57 DL
    29 hspu
    Total: 86 reps

    Georgie, I am still amazed the you swung that 70#KB! So Strong!

  7. 4 RFT:

    -15 Pull-ups
    -Row 250m
    -5 Push-ups
    -0:30 sec. HSHold
    -5 Push-ups
    -Row 250m
    -15 KBS (55#)
    -25 (Crunches/GHD’s)
    -Run 400m


    Rest 1 minute

    Row 2500m

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