June 2, 2018

Saturday 180602

Based on Regional Event 2 2018
For Time: 
Deadlift 155/105lbs RX+ 195/135 MRX 125/85
Barbell Push-ups MRX Push-ups
Hang Squat Clean 155/105lbs RX+ 195/135 MRX 125/85

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13 thoughts on “June 2, 2018”

  1. WOD – Regional Linda Rx’d for women 220/135/105


    Nice work, Shawn! And my apologies to Davidsdottir for thinking I could beat her…

  2. WOD w/95# for deadlifts, 45# for Hang Sq Cleans, push ups from knees

    200M farmer carry with 20# KB’s

    Had a great time with all the cool girls during open gym!!!
    Great job instructing Shannon!!
    Dave, your comment! Ha ha love it

  3. WOD w/Hang Split Cleans: 16:36

    Renaissance Periodization Week 1
    Wide Grip Bench w/135: 15-12-13
    Medium Grip Bench w/135: 10-10-10
    Barbell Upright Row w/75: 10-8-8
    Barbell Bent Over Row w/95: 12/15/12
    Pull Ups: 4/3/4
    Chin Ups: 5/5/5
    V Ups: 12/10

    Ring MU’s
    Split Snatch w/135
    Time: 23:14

  4. 35cal row
    800m run
    30 power snatches@80#
    800m run
    10 rope climbs
    Rope climbs took me a while at the end..

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