January 7, 2019

Monday 190107

3 RFT:
-400m Run or Row or 1km A-Bike
-9 Knees to Elbows
-15 Hand Release Push-Ups
-21 KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
Post time to comments.
**Bring-a-Friend Day this Saturday, January 12th at 10:15am!
We’ll show them around the gym, give a brief introduction to CrossFit and have them hit a fun, beginner style WOD.
Reach out to Breck or Nicole for more information- no RSVP necessary but we’d love to know if you might be bringing someone!
**Last day to order winter apparel is this Thursday, January 10th! Click HERE to order yours today.

23 thoughts on “January 7, 2019”

  1. Bench up to 125 (10 or 15# pr – I’d have to search it out)

    WOD with rows and possibly a mix of knees to elbows/triceps

  2. Bench up to 115 for 1. Not my max, but trying to train smarter in 2019. Lol

    WOD with all rows, 25 lb kb, definitely a mix of knees to elbow/triceps and a mix of strict hrpu and from knees- 13:45

  3. 1st time back since Dec. 20th…ugh – starting things off easy

    Bench: 4×6 (135#)

    WOD (bamboo V-ups in place of K2E, 45# KBS, & all row)

    good to be back!

  4. Bench up to 75# ,,,Julie, thanks for letting me lift with you!

    WOD w/20# KB (big noon class..all 25# taken),
    Push ups from knees, all runs, knee raises

  5. Strength:
    Close Grip Bench Press
    215# / 235#(f)

    Wod. Women’s RX but with GHD instead of K2E
    All Run


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