Thursday, June 6, 2019

“Team D-Day” by DB
For Time:  
-(P1)(P2)-1900m Row to Beach & 44Burpees (one Rows one Works on Burpees) 
-(P1)(P2)-19 Deads (one Deads one in High Plank Position)
-(P1)(P2)-10 Climb the Cliffs 15′ MRX 10′ (one Climbs Rope one Hangs from Bar) 
-(P1)(P2)-19 Sand Bag Bunker Throws (one Hang Clean & S2O, one in Low Plank Posit) 
-(P1)(P2)-44 Over the Bunker (one Box Jump Overs can use hands, one in WB Squat Hold) 
-(P1)(P2) -19 Teammate Grenade Tosses (Partner Passing WallBall Sit-Ups) 

-(P1)(P2)-44 Bomb the Objective (one WallBalls, one Holds WallBall OverHead) 
-(P1)(P2)-800m Extract the Wounded Run (Both Run with a Wallball)
Barbell Wts=135/95 RX+155/105 MRX115/75 
Box Jump Overs = 30/24″ MRX 24/20 
WallBalls = 20/14 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′