Thursday, June 6, 2019

“Team D-Day” by DB
For Time:  
-(P1)(P2)-1900m Row to Beach & 44Burpees (one Rows one Works on Burpees) 
-(P1)(P2)-19 Deads (one Deads one in High Plank Position)
-(P1)(P2)-10 Climb the Cliffs 15′ MRX 10′ (one Climbs Rope one Hangs from Bar) 
-(P1)(P2)-19 Sand Bag Bunker Throws (one Hang Clean & S2O, one in Low Plank Posit) 
-(P1)(P2)-44 Over the Bunker (one Box Jump Overs can use hands, one in WB Squat Hold) 
-(P1)(P2) -19 Teammate Grenade Tosses (Partner Passing WallBall Sit-Ups) 

-(P1)(P2)-44 Bomb the Objective (one WallBalls, one Holds WallBall OverHead) 
-(P1)(P2)-800m Extract the Wounded Run (Both Run with a Wallball)
Barbell Wts=135/95 RX+155/105 MRX115/75 
Box Jump Overs = 30/24″ MRX 24/20 
WallBalls = 20/14 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′

14 thoughts on “Thursday, June 6, 2019”

  1. Partnered w/ Alec
    RX with the barbell stuff
    10′ rope climbs
    24′ box jump overs

    27:53 – Great job Alec

    God Bless America and an endless thanks to those brave men and women who stormed those beaches that day!

  2. Had to rock this one out again with the one and only Nikki S! She pushed me more than I wanted to be – ha!! Thanks Nikki

    Rx everything except we did 10′ rope climbs
    *did 38 reps on each of the ones listed as 19


    Thanks Jess – great seeing you!

  3. Flew low and solo…
    75# barbell
    Rowed 950m
    22 burpees
    1 min plank
    19 deadlifts
    1 minute hang
    5 10 ft rope climbs
    19 hang pwr cleans and S2O
    44 wall ball sit ups
    44 box step overs
    25 (no idea why) wall balls
    800 m run without ball

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