Tuesday, July 28, 2020

For time: 
40 Pull-ups
800 Meter run
10 Push-ups
200 Meter row
30 Pull-ups
600 Meter run
20 Push-ups
400 Meter row
20 Pull-ups
400 Meter run
30 Push-ups
600 Meter row
10 Pull-ups
200 Meter run
40 Push-ups
800 Meter row
*Athletes can start from top to bottom or bottom to top*

34 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 28, 2020”

  1. Gave this one a go again with the nooners…

    Same scheme – top to bottom (Rx)
    31:27 (0:13 slower than this morning)

    was nice doing the runs in the rain! fun class – thanks breck!

  2. Top to bottom*: 34:34

    All sorts of modifications today after tearing on the second set of pull-ups. Went to ring-row, then taped, then back to PU, then back to ring-row. Likely some missed reps in there.

    Dumpster fire.

  3. 32:47
    Started on bike without realizing the conversion was off so might’ve been a few hundred meters under. Rowed 200m after to be sure I did the whole WOD. I’ll be honest I was chillin during this one

  4. 40 kipping pull ups
    800m run
    10 push ups
    200m row
    30 ring rows
    600m row
    20 push ups
    400m run
    20 pull ups
    400m row
    30 push ups

    Pearce abs

    1. Maddy:
      WOD – Top to bottom.
      Scaled with jumping pull-ups, push-ups from knees.
      Time cap with 700 meters remaining on final row.

  5. WOD – w/ Ring Rows and Push Ups from knees

    Top to Bottom – made it 20 push ups into the last set.

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