Tuesday, October 19, 2021

10 Rounds for time of: 
3 Weighted pull-ups
5 Strict pull-ups
7 Kipping pull-ups (no butterfly pull-ups)

For weighted pull-ups, place a 30/45-lb. dumbbell between the legs above crossed ankles and jettison the dumbbell after the third rep. Then continue with strict pull-ups and kipping pull-ups. Coming off the bar or going to ground constitutes termination of a set.
Post time and number of sets to completion.

Compare to October 22, 2013.

35 thoughts on “Tuesday, October 19, 2021”

  1. 500m row: 1:36.6 (PR)

    Wod kinda as rxd (3-5-7)
    25# DB first round, only round UB
    20# for one round then 15# for remaining
    Very broken reps, only able to keep kipping UB then added 200m run btwn rounds since I was resting so much. Also had DB btwn thoughts not ankles
    7 rounds + 7 reps

    Looking faaaab miss rachel B/rapunzel/angel from heaven/Disney princess/Rachel-abs-McGee

  2. 500M row 1:52 (wanted to save some gas for the WOD)

    WOD 3-5-7 reps
    Used 35lb. Db on first two rounds then dropped to 30lb. db for remaining 8 rounds.

    21 total sets @ 28:33.

  3. Row 1:32.3
    Wod mod
    Pull-ups 3 strict – 5 kipping
    5 bar dips and 7 pushups
    Did first 2 rounds weighted with 20#
    Tried to stay e2motm

  4. 500m row
    Totally dead after that!
    Rds 1-3
    2 weighted strict with 15#
    3 strict pull-ups
    5 kipping
    Rds 4-10
    3 strict
    5 kipping
    Unbroken until round 10 then dropped between 2-3 strict
    Finished the rest of the 30 min on the bike 3888m/59.8 cals

    Wow, that was humbling
    GREAT JOB, Nicole!! Super impressed!!!

  5. Looking good, Rach!

    500m Row: 1:50.9

    WOD w/ 2-3-5 reps & 15lb DB for wtd pull-ups (used 20lbs for first 2 rounds)

    1 mile post wod run: 8:52

  6. Rachel B., I wanna be you when I grow up!

    500m row

    WOD- 16:28 (hella modified)
    Rds 1-2
    1 weighted strict with 12#
    3 strict pull-ups
    5 kipping PU

    Rds 3-6
    2 strict PU
    5 kipping PU

    Rds 7-10
    2 strict PU
    5 kipping CTB

    ** 1 mile run post WOD

    Dropped between each set (2 unbroken strict-drop-5 unbroken pull-ups/CTB)

  7. awesome pic, Rachel – CFJ All star!

    ROW 500m – 1:32.5

    WOD – rep scheme as Rx (3 weighted strict/5 strict/7 kip)
    *15# DB
    ~30 sets (more than likely a few more as I probably forgot to mark one here and there)
    ….big ‘ole slice of humble pie

    demolished that row, ryan g! great job, sir!

  8. 500 Meter Row
    Damper 7
    Time: 1:26.7

    Modified (was trashed after row)
    3 Strict/5 Kipping

    ****AVAILABLE FOR KO- Contact me on FB or send Tibor Szlavy a page.****

  9. 500 Meter Row

    5 Strict Pullups 2 skinny red bands
    7 Kipping Pullups (no bands)
    Run 200M

    Looking good Rachel B!

  10. Thursday’s WOD at home
    Clean & Jerk (first time overhead in 3 weeks)
    Cleans didn’t feel great but pleased since it’s been a while

    Grettel as Rx’d
    A lot will go sub 5….a little more rest at home I’m sure

    KP Extreme Abs w/Chrissy

  11. 500m row 147:4
    8 rounds
    2 weighted 1.5 rounds @ 35# lolllll
    Rest at 25#
    3 strict
    5 kipping
    Didn’t time it
    800m run with Kait

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