30 thoughts on “Thursday, October 21, 2021”

  1. Strength: E3MOM C&J
    3@135 (PJ T&G)
    2@165 (SJ T&G)
    2@185 (PJ T&G)
    1@185 (SJ)
    1@205 (SJ)
    1@205 (SJ)

    “Grettle” Rx’d
    T&G first 2 rounds, singles after that

  2. Decided it was time for me to learn how to Power Clean correctly. Worked on my Pwr Cleans and and Clean and Jerks. Also did some burpees.

  3. Strength
    225-245-265-285-305-325(clean only)

    Pc+split jerk, caught the 325 with pinky off so just dumped it

    Wod rx
    Good Wod, hope it comes back again

  4. C&j strength
    3@95, 2@115, 2@125, 1@135,146,155 (failed jerk)
    Started with squat cleans and split jerks but belt my glute pull on the split. Need to work on keeping elbows up in the dip

    Wod RX’d
    Mostly unbroken

  5. Pre-WOD Mile w/ Tibor: Untimed

    Strength: Clean + Split Jerk
    1-235 PR*

    WOD Rx: 7:53

    ****AVAILABLE FOR KO- Contact me on FB or call Tibor Szlavy on his home telephone.****

  6. Strength up to 1@175
    Wod rx 4:50
    First half unbroken
    Second half fast singles
    For my future self would recommend all fast singles

  7. Strength: E3MOM C&J
    3@115 (t&g)
    2@135 (SK T&G)
    2@145 (SJ T&G)
    1@155 (SJ)
    1@165 (SJ)
    1@175 (SJ) (F)
    1@175 (SJ) got it!

    “Grettle” Rx’d

  8. “Grettle” did it on the next day as a buy in wod- didn’t get to warmup much
    Unbroken c&j
    Didn’t have much “go juice”today, excited to try again

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