Tuesday, June 18, 2024

With a partner,
AMRAP in 20 minutes of:
400 Meter Run
Max calories on rower
*one partner runs the 400 meters while other rows then switch.
*score is max calories.

28 thoughts on “Tuesday, June 18, 2024”

  1. WOD w/Monica
    I subbed ski 400M for runs (hip flexor)
    Total -257 cals (4277M)

    Monica- 86 cals
    KB- 171 cals

    Farmers Carry w/25# DB- 4:01

    Fun partnering with you, Mon!!!!

  2. Wod w/ Ryan G
    345 cals
    Great job, brotha!!

    Farmer carry w/40# DB’s
    5:21 (set ’em down thrice)

    stud filled noon class today – great job guys!! thx breck!

  3. WOD
    Had to do it solo.
    Did 2 minutes on rower and kept the 400 meter runs around 2 minutes.
    Completed 5 rounds (5 runs and 5 rows)

    400 farmers carry with 53# KB’s
    Set them down twice.
    Time: 3:54

  4. Wod w/ Corbin
    267 cals
    I biked 1000 meters instead of running

    Finisher w/35# DBs
    5:05 – set them down 3 or 4 times

  5. WOD with Kendall
    216 calories I think?? Forgot to write it down
    Carry I participated in and didn’t do well at all
    🙂 thank you

  6. WOD Rx’d w/ Kev O
    369 cals
    5,174 m

    Thanks for teaming up!

    Finisher w/ 50# DBs
    4:49 – 0:20 = 4:29
    (Delayed start, held up in the chalk bucket line)

  7. WOD w Ashley and Kennedy
    subbed bike for row. Not sure what the cals were but I biked 127
    Carry w 35# kb: 5:03

  8. At home

    Ibex leg day

    2:00 work / 1:00 rest x 5
    12 cal bike
    15# devils press in remaining time (7-6-6-6-6)


  9. Wod with Nala
    Bike for 2:20-2:30 instead of meters for me
    All 400m rubs for Nala (way to push yourself!!)
    210 total cals rowed

    Finisher farmer carry 30s
    Very slow walk 5:xx

  10. At home Ibex performance aesthetics program followed by
    2 min followed by 1 min rest x5
    15 cal bike
    Max burpee pull-ups in remaining time


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