15 thoughts on “Saturday, June 22, 2019”

  1. 25:35

    Subbed with Assault Bike, 20” box step ups, and 14lbs wall ball

    So glad I quit drinking pop!!! Just need to work on strength! Good job

  2. Kelly RX’d
    **Had to buy a wallball so I could do this at the lake.. Yeti cooler on the first step of the porch worked for box jumps. It was all terrible.**

  3. Wod RX
    So many things went wrong here! Poor effort, lack of mental capacity, walked on a 400m run!
    “Kelly” wins today!

  4. Kelly in a boat.
    5 rounds
    400 m row
    30 box step ups (all with broken leg) 20”
    30 WBS 14#/9 ft
    Squatting and WBS starting to feel better. Almost 7 weeks post-op

  5. Open gym
    1 mile row
    Power snatches up to 135#, failed 140# 3 times; would have been a PR

    Double under work: got a set of 57 and 60 unbroken (most I’ve ever done unbroken)

    Banded bar MUs to work on trying to link them!


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