Tuesday, July 9, 2019

3 RFT:

-400m Run (1rd) -400m Row (1rd) -100 Doubles / 1km A-Bike (1rd)
*Athletes Choice on which rd*
-21 KBS 55/35# RX+ 70/55# MRX45/25# 
-12 Pull-Ups RX+ C2B
Rest 3min
For Time: (8min cap)
-400m Single KB/DB or Sandbag or Slamball or Plate Carry 53/35 RX+ 70/53lbs
**Weight must be carried below shoulders (NOT on shoulders), i.e. farmers carry or belly/bear hug or hang carry**
Penalty for setting weight down = 10 push- ups or 5 burpees

34 thoughts on “Tuesday, July 9, 2019”

    1. SHES GOT THOSE CRAZY CROSSFIT EYES!! Any time I see these I know shes about to wipe the floor with the noon class!

  1. Jeremy Fullingim

    Rowling warm-up game: scored 7. Went to 12th round.
    WOD: subbed (run or DUs) to 400 m ski erg. Ow, as written. Dud ski erg; bike, row
    “Finisher” w/ 55# KB: 4:24

  2. Rowling: 18
    Row-ski erg- bike – rx’d
    Farmers carry with two 35-# kB
    40 penalty pushups

  3. Rowling – 26

    WOD MRx bike, row, run
    13:53 (21sec behind Helen PR of 2010)

    400m sandbag carry 35# no penalty

  4. Rowling-13
    WOD RX’d=9:03 (Run, Row, Bike)
    400m 55# Sandbag Carry=5:59 no penalties but slow. . .

  5. WOD
    As Rx’d (DU, Run, Row)
    Time: 9:41
    55# KB with no penalty
    Time: 2:57
    Total time with rest included=15:38

    HOT HOT HOT!! Great job Kevin, couldnt suck it up and run the last 200 in on the KB

  6. Chadwick Warren

    Wod W/96lb KB and C2B
    3min rest
    @ 16:50
    Finisher 400m 100lb D-Ball carry
    Broke 3 times 15 burpees penalty
    8 mins even
    Total time 24:50
    Fun one today

  7. WOD
    As Rx’d (Row, DU, Run)
    First Two sets of PU’s Strict.
    Time: 9:19
    55# KB with no penalty
    Time: 3:11
    Total time with rest included=15:30
    Great Race Max!

  8. Rx+ weight with pull ups. (DU, run, row)
    70# kettlebell shuffle broke 3 times, 15 burpees

    Total 20:23 with rest

  9. WOD Rx (skierg, bike and row)
    Tri-Helen: 11:04
    Finisher: 3:32 w/35# KB (no penalty)
    17:36-3 rest= 14:36

    Tabata abs

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