Tuesday, September 10, 2019

For Time:
-800m Run
-30 KB SDHP 55/35# RX+70/55# MRX 45/25# 
-20 Box Jumps 24/20″ MRX 20/18″
-400m Row
-25 KBS
-15 KB Goblet Step Ups
-0.5km A-Bike
-10 KB Snatch L Arm 
-10 KB Snatch R Arm 
-10 Burpee Box Jumps

28 thoughts on “Tuesday, September 10, 2019”

  1. Practiced ring muscle-up progressions. Thanks Breck for your help!
    WOD modified:
    rowed the 800m rather than run
    used 20” box; did step-ups for box jumps
    rx weight

  2. Kipping pull-ups until I ripped at 9. Mix of kipping and strict 11-12.

    WOD with 25 kB, 20” step ups and a 400 run/400 row to begin


    All unbroken except goblet step ups

  3. I did Burpees for the 12 min EMOM – those last 3-4 minutes are smokers….

    WOD RX (run/row/bike) *55# DB Snatches

    goblet step ups: 1
    alonso: 0

    fell apart after those darn goblet step ups. great job folks

  4. Ring MU and C2B Pull-up Training EMOM for 12 minutes adding a rep each minute
    Made 7 Ring MU’s into my round of 8 then went to C2B for minutes 9-12.

    Time: 15:33

  5. 3 mile run right before Crossfit
    1-5 Bar MU’s
    6-10 C2B
    11 – Push ups
    12 – Nothing.. Done

    Wod w/ DB Snatches
    The Goblet Squats smoked me!

  6. Strength:
    1-8 bar MU all unbroken
    4 bar MU on round of 9 and failed
    Pull-ups 10,11,12

    Modified WOD:
    Step ups for box jumps, 55# DB for snatches

  7. Bar MU emom- 7 rounds unbroken 5 reps on round 8
    Chest to bar rounds 9-11 skipped round 12

    WOD Rx – 14:35. Run, row, bike

  8. 1 ring
    2 bar
    3 ring
    4 bar
    5 ring
    6 bar
    Then went to 3 ring/ 3 bar for 7-12.
    Wod w Run/row/run
    Last 3 snatches on left arm were with DB. People are really going to start questioning me with my black eye and now bruised wrists!

  9. Bar MU work
    Odd minutes worked on trying to link MUs. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and help! Chandler, thanks for the video, I think it really helped to watch after.

    WOD Rx (row/row/bike) and KB snatches

    Tabata abs

    Congrats Jordan and Hannah on their new bundle of joy! Can’t wait to meet Landon.

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