Friday, December 20, 2019

“Operation Just Cause” by DB
For Time:
1 Rd:
-75 American Ranger KBS
-75 Deadly Doubles
REST 1min
2 Rds:
-20 PDF WallBalls
-12 Macho-De-Monte Wallball Step-Ups
REST 2min
3 Rds:
-2 Triple Canopy Parachute Rope Climbs
-23 American Deadlifts
-325m Row for the Wounded
Rope Hts = 15′ MRX 1 to 15″ or 2 to 10′
WBs= 20/14lbs 10/9′ MRX 20/10 9′
BB Load=225/155 RX+275/185 MRX185/125
KBs = 24/16kgs RX+ 32/24 MRX 20/12kgs
Box Hts = 24/20″ RX+ 30/24″ MRX 20/18″

CFJ Holiday Schedule:
Monday, December 23rd- 6:30pm class is canceled 
Tuesday, December 24th (Christmas Eve)- 8am and 9:30am (all other classes canceled)
Wednesday, December 25th (Christmas Day)- CFJ CLOSED
Thursday, December 26th- 6:00am, 8:00am and 10:00am (all other classes canceled)                                                                                                    Friday, December 27th- Regular class schedule

14 thoughts on “Friday, December 20, 2019”

  1. Thank you for your service OkieDB!

    Google tells me PDF is Panama Defense Forces, Macho De Monte is a river in Panama. 23 Americans killed and 325 Americans wounded in the operation are represented in the final segment of the workout.

    WOD MRx weights, single unders
    Time = 25:12

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