Thursday, July 2, 2020

For time:
18 Devils press 45/30# DB’s Rx+50/35# DB’s MRX 35/20# DB’s
45 Calorie row or bike or 800 Meter run
30 Dumbbell push-ups
15 Devils press
36 Calorie row or bike or 600 Meter run
24 Dumbbell push-ups
12 Devils press
27 Calorie row or bike or 400 Meter run
18 Dumbbell push-ups

36 thoughts on “Thursday, July 2, 2020”

  1. Devils Press:
    45 (5, 4)
    60 (3)
    80 (f, 1)
    Unbroken DUs
    WOD Rx’d: DNF
    1/27 Calories
    “Devils Press: Like a Burpee, Only Better!”

  2. Jessica Van De Wiele

    8 cal bike/30# devils press
    WOD time cap (thank goodness) 25#
    Got through 9 devil press on round of 12

  3. Skills:
    Unbroken singles 5 x 50, 1@75
    Devil press 5-4-3-2-1-1@15-20-25-30-35-35

    WOD w/15’s
    Got through 8 of the 24 push ups.

  4. Warmup
    Did 30 unbroken DU each round
    Last round broke at 108 DU at :52 (new PR)
    Devils Press: 5@30, 4@30, 3@30, 2@40, 1@45

    WOD Rx
    *My board smudged and looked like “10” push-ups for last round. Found out after class it was supposed to be 18. Sooooo I guess that’s probably an additional 20-25 seconds added to my time. Doh!

    1. Sam- haha! He knows my push-ups are slow as molasses.
      Kevin- you seem to be wise in this topic..please teach Butter your ways.
      Ryan- you’re dead to me.
      Max- How many times can a person use the board smudge excuse? Hopefully more than once….

      1. ummm….please say ‘Ryan G’ when you respond with: ‘you’re dead to me’….I got scared a little bit

  5. Worked up to 65# on devils press
    Averaged 25 dubs per round
    Wod RX
    Had a rower malfunction which cost me some time but since I beat Stephen I won’t worry about it.

  6. Activator
    Max unbroken dubs in a minute: 111 reps
    One devil press at 40# (that 45# wasn’t staying overhead ha)
    Wod as rxd
    Sweaty sweaty mess!

  7. Strength: Devil Presses alternating w/ 7 cal bike
    5@45’s, 4@55’s, 3@65’s, 2@70’s, 1@80’s

    WOD Rx: (row)

  8. Strength & Conditioning
    *each cycle I did:
    4 – 30# DP’s
    40 DU’s

    WOD MRx (all row)

    Fun one – great work nooners!

  9. Best Dub I got was 60 unbroken.

    WOD- w/35# db and running
    Got capped. Got through the 12th press plus 118m on rower.

    Curly Bill:
    You know what I’d do? I’d take that deal ‘n’ crawfish, then drill that ol’ Devil in the —. What about you Johnny, what would you do?

    Johnny Ringo:
    I already did it.

  10. Worked up to 65# on devil press
    30 dubs per round

    Wod. MRx (35#), all rowing

    Thanks Otis. My rows were some of the slowest ever……

  11. Activator
    8 cal bike
    Devils press 5@25, 4@30, 3@35, 2@40, 1@45(f), 1@40

    WOD w/ 25#, cal rows
    12/12 devils press at cap

  12. Tried to keep up with Max today. That wasn’t happening…

    Activator: stuck with 40lbs dumbbells the entire time. Worked single single dubs.
    WOD: 40lbs dumbbells / all runs.
    Hit cap on final 400m run. Finished it out anyway. Time – 21:05

  13. Unbroken DUs – 102
    WOD Rx’d with runs: DNF
    Was going to start 400 run with 30Sec left. Decided to row that one (6 cals)

  14. Unbroken DUs – 102
    WOD Rx’d with runs: DNF
    Was going to start 400 run with 30Sec left. Decided to row that one (6 cals)

  15. Dubs- 50
    Devil Press – 65(f)
    WOD rx – 6 Devil Press of 12
    Realized after the WOD that DEVIL PRESS spelled backwards is REST DAY

  16. Devils press up to 65# dbs
    Did 5 strict pull-ups Each round instead of dubs

    Wod RX’d with row
    = 19:34

  17. Unbroken doubles- 90 all rounds 109 on max set
    Devil press 45# all rounds 60# last round.

    WOD Rx- 19:31 rows

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