34 thoughts on “Monday, November 2, 2020”

  1. I’m impressed with all those burpee numbers! Go team!

    Burpees over empty bar: 45
    WOD w/ barbell front squats & ring rows.

    Perfect for a Monday 🙂

  2. Instead of the 5 Min burpee nonsense:
    1 minute of each:
    Over Bar Burpees/Ski-erg/GHD’s/Assault Bike/Plank hold

    Wod. Rx’d.

    *Jamie sniped me at the end! good job!

  3. Jaimers!! Crossfit model today and killed it at noon – awesome stuff!

    5min max over the bar burps…..85
    *killed me for the WOD

    WOD – MRx
    16:50 (was not recovered from the burps)

    fun class! Great seeing you Mrs. Berry – come see us nooners more often!

  4. Over the bar burpees for 5min (empty barbell):
    Total: 77

    WOD: RX’d weight but modified w/ FS instead of OHS.
    Time: 18:11

    Couldn’t get going today. Literally felt every single rep…

  5. Burpee activator: 50

    WOD Rx:

    OHS 2 sets 21-9
    1st/3rd PU unbroken
    walked on the last 400 multiple times because I’m a land monster

  6. 5min of burpees
    93 reps
    Sold my soul on that good times
    Wod RX’D /Bike
    Unbroken just slow no gas left after burpees

  7. 5 min AMRAP Over bar burpees

    WOD – modified for elbow and knee
    20 OHS @ 35#
    10 Pull ups

    First time I’ve been able to run in a couple of months. Felt pretty good.

  8. Burpees AMRAP- 71

    WOD RX

    That was AWFUL- my heart rate never came down after the burpees! Great one to work on The mental Push.

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