30 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 17, 2020”

    1. Want to know when you are big league?? When you have a WOD named after you! You the man, Stone – looking forward to doing this one.

  1. Wod Rx’d
    Completed. Each round was :26-:28. Unbroken on pull ups and push ups. All singles on PC until the last round, which took :24

  2. wanna see my picture on the cover
    wanna buy 5 copies for my mother
    wanna see my smilin’ face
    on the cover of a Rolling Stone 🙂

    Great WOD

    Rx – Completed all rounds

  3. WOD Rx’d – completed with unbroken reps

    Good job Steph and Chrissy! Steph ripped in round 19, wrapped her hand w/ tape in about 10 seconds and kept grinding. Tough as nails!

  4. “Rolling Stone”
    @95#, Ring Rows, and Knee – Push-ups
    1st 10 rounds unbroken, total of 24 rounds completed with 6 rest rounds.

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