31 thoughts on “Monday, October 3, 2022”

  1. Wod Rx’d

    Fun with 6am girls!!!

    For next time-
    Row- 7:49 (started rower over at 520M because it turned off) went to 1500M after that
    Run- 9:15

  2. Did this at home except I did another mile run instead of the row (no rower)

    1st mile: 8:03
    Dubs: 65-45-40 (not sure time)
    2nd mile: slow


    Awesome pic, KB – rock star!!

  3. WOD rx
    Run 6:51 (who am I???)
    Probably 30 seconds of gasping for air
    150 DU
    Row 8:51
    Total 20:12

    Such a good picture Katie!

  4. 4 mile run

    Mile: 6:33
    Dubs: 37-100-clipped a few then finished
    Bike 4k *back: kept 58-62 rpm idk time 7 ish?
    Total: 15:18

  5. WOD Rx (still nursing the hip flexor and neck from HOA)
    Run: 8:55
    DUs: sets of 25 (4/6 unbroken)
    Row: 8:45

    KP abs

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