Saturday, May 22, 2021

Team WOD #1
8min AMRAP:
4 KB SDHP 55/35# RX+70/55# MRX 45/25#
6 KB Goblet Squats
8 Russian KBS
*One person works and completes a full round, one person rests and then switches.
REST 2min
Team WOD #2
“Tail Pipe” Courtesy/Credit to Gym Jones **original Tail Pipe is 3rds**
4 RFT: (14min cap)
(Partner 1) 250/200m Row or 0.6/0.5km A Bike
(Partner 2) KB Rack Hold 55/35# x 2 KBs RX+ 70/55# MRX 45/25#
*Rules = P1 rows/bikes while P2 holds KBs in rack position (has to be in rack), then switch positions, Has to be in rack for row/bike to begin.
Once both have completed row/bike = 1 round
Compare to January 8, 2020.

11 thoughts on “Saturday, May 22, 2021”

  1. Chadwick Warren

    Wod RX+ W/Breck (the old bull)
    8 Min Amrap
    17 Rounds + 6 RKBS
    Wod 2 “Tail Pipe” RX+
    11 minutes Even

    Great work today Breck

  2. Did the first part solo on an EMOM type basis –

    EMOM – for 12rds – 53# KB
    -4 SDHP
    -6 Goblet Squats
    -8 Russian KBs

    Rest 2 min

    2rds (didn’t time it)
    -400m run
    -50 walking lunges

    Finisher: 100 Unanchored sit ups

  3. Teamed with Julie and Jim (Rx’d)
    WOD 1: 17 rounds
    “Tail Pipe”: 9:09
    Fun stuff; thanks for teaming up!

  4. Hotel Murph Prep
    4:00 run on the treadmill buy-in
    20 min AMRAP Cindy
    4:00 run on the treadmill cash out

    KP Power abs

    Thankful for an accountability partner on the road. Wouldn’t have gotten a workout in without Chrissy!

  5. Partner WOD Rx with my beauties Jess and Molls
    1st part: 17+7
    2nd part: 7:30
    (Molls and Jess had unbroken holds. I put KB down once during 3rd round hold)

  6. 15 mile run (12 before 3 after class)

    Wod w/ hubs
    I used 45# he used 55#
    19 rounds


    55# might be fine for first Wod but the hold in second was tough with 45’s!

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