Friday, October 8, 2021

Complete 2 rounds in any order and for time: 
200 Meter Sled Push (100 Meters out and 100 Meters back)  45/25# MRX 25/empty sled 
30/24 Calorie Bike or Row
400 Meter Sandbag Run 80/50# MRX 50/35#

20 thoughts on “Friday, October 8, 2021”

  1. Pre-Wod Mile w/ 20# vest: 7:47


    WOD: Rx
    Finished last run @19:49
    Capped on the WOD. Finished Sled at 29:29

  2. Activator
    2 Rounds
    E2:30MOM for each movement
    Sled Push @ 45#
    200 Meter Sandbag Run @ 80#
    20 Cal Bike

    As Rx’d
    Same order as activator.
    Time: 21:50

  3. WOD as rxd
    Bike/Sled/Run/Row/Run/Sled – made to west side corner at 24:30 and decided to call it a day. Pushed the sled back to start.

  4. WowZaaaaa
    Wod as rxd
    Sled (ouch), run (plod), bike (coast)

    Low key almost quit after first round. That was hard and a little too warm. Well done everyone for gutting that one out!

  5. Oof – all the modifications – equally as disgusting
    300m “runs” w/35# sandbag
    Empty sled


    13 bike cals at 25 minute cap
    Finished the sled at around 36 minutes

  6. WOD Rx (slow and steady as it could be today)
    In order as written
    9 bike cals at the 25 min cap; finished the run @32:13
    First round took14:56

    KP Power abs

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