37 thoughts on “Monday, August 15, 2022”

  1. E2MOM: power clean

    Wod Rx’d w/185# PC’s
    7+2 or 8+2 (Stephen, who was next to me, thought 8+2)

    *C2B unbroken

  2. Did a test run of “The Ladder” for Battle at the Ranch
    EMOM for 10 minutes
    Clean & Jerk (I squat cleaned and split jerk all sets)
    115-135-155-175-205-225-245-265-285(did not attempt)-300(did not attempt)

    All DU’s and C2B unbroken
    Rounds=6+3 PC’s

  3. Strength up to 1@195#
    WOD rx
    9 rounds + 5 cleans and 4 C2B
    First and last round of cleans touch and go
    All in between 3 + 2
    Chest to bar mostly 5 + 3
    All DU unbroken

  4. Power cleans

    WOD w/ rx’d load and strict pull-ups
    6 Rounds + 2 cleans

    Great work, nooners!

  5. Did a test run of “The Ladder” for Battle at the Ranch
    EMOM until failure
    Clean & Jerk (Power Clean into Split Jerk)
    115-135-155-175-185-195(PR)-200(got the clean – failed the jerk)

    WOD Rx – 8rds + 6 C2B
    *PC were singles
    *C2B unbroken
    *Dubs no misses

    great class today – thx breck!!

  6. Strength:
    155-175-185-195-215(failed first attempt got the second)-226(failed – stupid fail from before was in my head)
    odd rounds dubs(single-single dub)
    even rounds(cals on bike)
    5+2 cleans

  7. Power clean strength
    125-140-155-170-180 (ugly)-180 again but only DL (got in my head)

    WOD Rx+
    7 + 1 PC
    PC all singles
    1st and last round of C2B broken up, middle rounds unbroken
    Only one round of DUs unbroken

    Gyms been rough the last week for me, we become better by working through these moments in time. Gonna keep plugging away.

    KP abs

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