Saturday, March 20, 2021

For time:
800 Meter Run
30 Deadlifts 75/55#
800 Meter Run
30 Hang squat cleans
800 Meter Run
30 Front squats
800 Meter Run
30 Split jerks (Alternate legs)

12 thoughts on “Saturday, March 20, 2021”

  1. WOD Rx bike then the rest was 400m run/1K bike combo
    Front squats unbroken everything else broken

    Good to move but back was very tight

    KP Summer abs

  2. WOD Rx weight w/
    800m Runs
    30 pull-ups
    30 OHS
    30 Front Squats
    30 Alt split jerks

    (just came to move today, lower back is toast)

  3. Active rest day – just to move around

    E3MOM – 10rds

    -15 burpees

    Good grief my lower back…ugh!

    Love seeing these awesome 21.2 times – CFJ has some awesome studs – for sure!!

  4. WOD MRx
    DId Squat Cleans instead of Hang Squat Cleans first 15 reps. Dan was kind enough to tell me it was Hang Squat Cleans. Thanks to my “friends” on the bikes behind me for telling me before that.

  5. Jeremy Fullingim

    OPEN WOD 21.2 (c/w 17.1- slower this time. Last time I completed it at 19:33. Less fit in 2021. Probably should do something about that)
    Score: 221 reps [Rx’d]
    Details: 10 db snatches
    15 burpees
    20 db snatches
    15 burpees
    30 db snatches
    15 burpees
    40 db snatches
    15 burpees
    50 db snatches
    11 burpees
    Tiebreak: 15:09

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