April 2, 2016

Saturday 160402

2 RFT:

10 OHS 95/65 RX+ 15 OHS 95/65 55+ 10 OHS 75/55

200m Run

10 T2B RX+ 15 T2B

200m Run

10 OHS 95/65 RX+ 15 OHS 95/65 55+ 10 OHS 75/55

200m Run

10 Pull-Ups RX+ 15 Pull-ups

200m Run

Post time to responses.


20 thoughts on “April 2, 2016”

  1. Get after that Sullivan Girl Okie!!

    As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. Proverbs 27:17

  2. OHS3@185-2@205-1@225-1@245(f the jerk)
    WOD rx+ – 13:06
    *everything unbroken, with extremely slow jogs (can’t even call them runs)
    Nice job today Henry, you’re definitely an RX athlete (Max too)

  3. Wod as rx’d


    Good to see Jennifer Bowman back at CFJ, mainly cause she’s really attractive and unapproachable. Which are qualities I value.

    She reminds me of Jennifer Connelly (Incredible Hulk, Beautiful Mind). That is if Jennifer Connelly was younger, had a better body and had married a guy that that made a living spooning with other dudes every third night!

  4. 1st workout back, thought I was going to take it easy but Eric talked me into lifting heavy.

    OHS: 3x 165#, 2×185#, 1x 195#, f @ 205#, 1 x 205# (PR)

    WOD as rx’d, unbroken with a slow and steady jog

  5. OHS up to 60#


    First rd used 45# for first 7 OHS..then switched to 35, jumping pull ups and knee raises


  6. OHS

    WOD rx’d+

    I believe Jennifer Connelly is an originator of RBF, so that description couldn’t be more accurate. Thank you for welcoming me back today with multiple hugs in true Dupler fashion.

  7. I’m sorry your envious of me Josh. Not everyone can work for TFD, so then they go become police officers. Keep your head up buddy, there is still a small bit of hope for you.

    P.S. I just saw a 90yr old woman speeding on her hover round down riverside, you should probably write her a ticket and really teach her a lesson!!!

  8. Jen…..I love your RBF!

    Brody, you nailed it! Chasing the Bloods and Crips around is a real yawnfest. I’m sure the next time I drive by your station I’ll wonder…wouldn’t it be sooo cool to make a little less money and tickle fight with Brody and the other guys in there…..uh NOPE!! HAHA ya douche

  9. Douche??? Geez bro, don’t take things so seriously!! If I hurt your feelings I’m sorry ok! We all know you chase “gang bangers” and you are awesome! I forget how sensitive cops can be. Oh yea and your definitely right, you make more money than firemen and get all the girls too!

  10. I’m glad you finally admitted that Bowman!

    I’m a lot like OkieDB…meaning I’m an American hero!

    You’re a lot like Breck…meaning you tell bad jokes and if push came to shove, you’d strip for gas money and then end up having to hitchhike cause you can’t dance!

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