Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Team WOD
16min AMRAP:
-12 Alternating Hang Power Snatch 95/65 RX+ 115/75 MRX 75/55 
-8 in Unison Back Rack Lunges (alt legs)
-16 Partner Passing Wallball Sit-ups 20lbs MRX 14lbs “anchors/DBs 2 foot apart”
-200m Row & 200m Run (1 Athlete Runs 200m the Other Athlete Rows 200m then switch next round)

21 thoughts on “Tuesday, March 19, 2019”

  1. Jeremy Fullingim

    EMOM- 10 meters/burpee (ascending reps to 10)
    Made it to the 10th min/Rd of 100 meters and completed 6 burpees out of 10 to do.
    Team WOD rx w/ Pete. Great job Pete!
    6 rounds

  2. Playground WOD

    500 squats for time

    32:25 (darn kids slowing me down – lol)

    ~2 min rest

    30 strict PLU’s for time


  3. Activator thru round 7…joined back in 9 but didn’t finish
    Team WOD with Nick D
    4 rounds an 100 meter run/row in the 5th.

  4. Activator
    Through the 8th rested 9th finished 10th
    Wod rx with 14lb bar with Nikki Savage
    5+150meters for both of us

  5. Warm up challenge complete.
    Judge Kait said my burpees were substandard, lucky for her her looks are above standard…
    WOD with KevO
    7 + 12 (6 lunges each)

  6. Branson Daugherty

    Completed all 10 rounds

    WOD with Connor – MRX with 20# WB:
    20 meters short of 7 rounds – not sure how to calculate that in reps

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