19 thoughts on “Friday, August 6, 2021”

  1. Split Snatch
    All sets of 4 (alternating legs)

    As Rx’d
    All snatches in sets 8-4
    MU’s unbroken
    Time: 11:01

  2. CrossFit Carolina Beach, Wilmington NC

    B: Push Press (Find a heavy double over 6-8 sets)
    2@95,115,135,155,185, 1@205(failed 2nd)

    C: Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
    5 Rounds for max reps. Rest 2:30 b/w rounds

    AMRAP 1
    1 sled push down and back 90/45
    Max Rep Devil’s Press 50/35

    Wod Rx’d
    6 DP’s each round. 30 total

  3. Split Snatch

    WOD (MRX,RX,RX+)
    Split Snatch 95lbs
    Mainly Bar MU’S, but also did some RMU’S
    Time: 16:29

    400m cool down run
    GHD’S 101
    10 EMOM for 10 minutes
    11 in 10th for a total of 101

  4. I didn’t know Coach Dan was a former Navy SEAL! Looking good brother!

    Split Snatch
    E2:30MOM – All sets of 4
    Completed with light weight (up to 95#)

    WOD: stayed light on split snatch (75#) – bar muscle ups RX’d
    Time: 17:32

    *Didn’t have any strength today. Multiple misses and lots of chicken winging on bar muscle ups.

    1. Ha Ha. Head up & legs dragging underneath the water. Those guys would have rung the bell on me 1/2 hour into BUD/S.

  5. Strength split snatch

    Wod RX’d with 80# and bike
    MU attempts with a fee C2B Zero completions. Need to get right elbow to flip over! Grrrrr
    Frustrated with MU but loved the split snatch!

  6. Split Snatch
    All sets of 4 (alternating legs)

    All snatches in sets of 5-4-3
    C2B attempts – hit on 5 – had decent height, just wasn’t pulling hard enough into the bar
    Time: 16:31

  7. Active rest day
    Split snatch 4 ea @ 45-55-60-70-60

    WOD w/45#, ring rows, rowing

    1.5 mile run/walk intervals

  8. Strength
    Split Snatches – 95-95-115-135-135

    Wod RX
    That’s was tough and very humiliating!! Thanks Breck!!

  9. Strength w/power snatch
    5×4 @95-105-115-110-125

    WOD modified Rx+ (power snatch)
    All snatches 7/5
    All BMU 3/3/2

    Pretty stoked on how the BMUs went today

    KP summer abs

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