Thursday, January 26, 2023

This Saturday, January 28th, Open Gym 10:00am-12:00pm will be canceled.

AMRAP in 10 minutes of:
3 Bar Facing Burpees
5 Power Snatch 75/55# Rx+95/65#
*No 2 for 1’s on squat snatch into OHS.

29 thoughts on “Thursday, January 26, 2023”

  1. Only had a treadmill, so no death-by. 16 minutes seemed about how far I would probably make it; 170 calories (definitely more than I would have had)
    WOD w/85 (not by choice)
    9 rounds

  2. Death by cal ski: 12 rounds then 40 seconds work 20 seconds rest up to 20 minutes. 142 total calories.
    WOD: RX 8 rounds + 2 reps

  3. Death by Calorie on the Bike
    Made it through 17 and missed 18 by one calorie.
    Counted roll over so ended with 170 calories (17 rounds + 17 calories).

    As Rx’d
    Rounds=10+3 OHS

  4. death by bike (cals)
    -got through the 15’s then crawled into a corner and cried

    WOD Rx
    8+7 (4 PS)

    shout out to Molls for crushing this WOD and KevO for killing it on the bike! – awesome job! Thx nicole – great class!

    and max, I can’t tell if you’re jogging or walking so I have no comment on this pic…ha!

  5. Metcon: bike cals failed on round of 14.
    Rested 1 min then biked through the final 5 min

    Wod RX
    11+13 (5 ohs)
    Great job, 12 class!

  6. Ski 13/13
    WOD mrx by accident … didn’t know til after. That’s where I’m at today
    8 rounds + 5 power snatch
    Intentionally took a lot of time between rounds
    Day 13 without rest, super tired and mentally elsewhere

  7. Death by:
    thru 19 rounds.
    Started round 20 202 total cals.
    Wod RX: 7+1 burpee

    Heart Rate: one million

    Thank you Chandler!!

  8. Metcon: bike through 15(at the very last second) 121 cals…super fun, super tough

    Foster FANTASTIC job on the bike bub

  9. Activator round of 18 completed – bike

    Recovering strained shoulder – subbed WOD for rounds of 5 x GHD + 12 sqt snatch with bamboo

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