February 29, 2016

Monday 160229

5 RFT:

5 Cleans 165/115 RX+ 205/140 55+ 135/85

5 Front Squats *Can Sqt clean last clean into FS*

5 S2O *Can Thruster out of last FS for 1st S2O*

10 T2B

10 Pull-Ups

**Can Link T2B to Pull-up in one Motion and do all 10 together**

Post time to responses.

Henry (OH Lunge)

29 thoughts on “February 29, 2016”

  1. Strength: 135, 165, 185, 185, 185, 185

    After feeling pretty good about my 16.1 performance all weekend, there’s nothing quite like a dose of DB Humble Pie to remind you just how far you still have to go.

    Rd 1 rx’d in 4 minutes
    Dropped to 135# the rest of the way but it didn’t matter, the damage was already done and I didn’t finish. Been a while since I felt like this.

    Ready for a new day tomorrow! Let’s go!

  2. strength complex:

    WOD w/ 185#:
    5 Pull-ups short of 4 rounds at 20 minutes (no energy)

    Good work Mitchell

  3. 1 split clean + 1 hang squat clean + 2 S2O
    @ 85-95-105-115-125-135

    WOD as rx’d = 14:19…..holy grip smoker!!
    Finished 1st round in under 2 minutes and that pretty much depleted whatever I had left. Gotta love Monday’s!!!

  4. Clean Complex
    135-165-195-225 stayed light sore neck

    WOD Rx (165)

    Rd1 10TTB+10PU
    Rd2 5TTB/5PU/5TTB/5PU
    Rd3 5TTB/5PU/5TTB/5PU
    Rd4 6TTB/6PU/4TTB/4PU
    Rd5 5TTB/5PU/5TTB/1-2-2PU

    had I known Sydney was 13:55 I could of beat it!!!!!

  5. Great pic, Henry!!

    Complex up to 135

    WOD as Rx’d

    Holy cow!! That felt heavy! I have no idea how you folks that did 16.1 TWICE did that today! Awesome work, nooners!!

  6. Wod as rx’d


    Question? Why is Breck Berry’s CF placard bigger than Sydney Sullivan’s? As I remember, pretty sure from ESPN, Sydney won the whole thing in 2015. Whereas I honestly can’t recall Breck winning….well anything really!
    As I looked at the placards hanging by the office this just came to me. These are questions I feel have to be asked. And I’m probably the only person with the courage to ask them. Carry on!

  7. Strength complex
    up to 125# (failed 135 on hang clean)
    Wod w 105#, 10 ghds & 10 push-ups replaced pull-ups and t2b (nice tender hands made a good excuse to scale!!) still very challenging
    Sydney, you’re an absolute machine!

  8. Strength
    135-155-175-195-215-225(failed jerk)
    Really liked the split cleans
    WOD rx – 19:33 struuuuuuggled to pick up the bar today.

  9. Strength: 115 / 125/ 135/ 145/155/ PC and S2O 160(f) PC
    WOD @ 125 #: 3 rds + 5S2O

    Core Develoment

    2 High Plank, 1min Right Hand H Plank, 1min Left Hand H Plank, 1min Low Plank

  10. Split clean + hang power clean+ 2 s20
    105/115/120/125/130 (failed on hpc)

    Wod as rxd! I wanted to take weight off after the first round but I didn’t.
    4rds +5 front squats

    Was slow moving and sore today.

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