27 thoughts on “Monday, November 27, 2023”

  1. WOD with row and 1000m bike. Not proud of my efforts but felt like I needed another day of recovery so didn’t push super hard

    1:52.9 row
    1:22 run

  2. Best Thanksgiving week ever! Definitely showed in the WOD this AM. 🙂

    Row: 2:07
    Run: 1:43
    WOD as Rx’d

    Nice job, 9:30!

  3. Saturday’s WOD (at work gym)

    Bench @185#
    Strict pull-ups
    Thrusters w/40# dumbbells

    Completed 75 reps of all movements (around 50 minutes or so)

  4. 500m row: 1:40.6
    400m run: 1:32
    Wod Rx:
    I believe in horse racing its called peaking too early, and thats clearly what happened here for me
    thanks for having me noon class, you were all lovely

  5. 500m row: 1:39.4
    400m run: 2:02 maybe? Whatever a shuffle pace adds up to.

    Wod rx
    Legs felt like lead today- Great job G, Amy, and Alonso! You guys were flying!

  6. 500m row 2:05
    1k bike 1:45

    Wod w/400m row – 15 burpees – 1k bike

    500m row 2:08.3
    200m run 1:16

    500-400-400 row
    15 burpees
    200m runs

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