September 1, 2016

Thursday 160901

With a Continously Running Clock for Best Times and Max Reps
-0:00-6:00min – Run 800m for time
-6:00-7:00min – Max Bar MUs or C2B
-7:00-9:00min – Rest
-9:00-13:00min – Run 600m for time
-13:00-14:00min – Max T2B
-14:00-16:00min – Rest
-16:00-19:00min – Run 400m for time
-19:00-20:00min – Max C2B or Pull-Ups
-20:00-22:00min – Rest
-22:00-24:00min – Run 200m for time
-24:00-25:00min – Max T2B
-25:00-27:00min – Rest & Walk 100m away
-27:00-28:00min – Run 100m for time
-28:00-29:00min – Max Pull-Ups
-29:00-30:00min – Rest
-30:00-31:00min – Max T2B

**Great session to try a form of hand protection if needed**

Post results to responses.