July 14, 2016

Thursday 160714

Complete the following Chipper for Time:
30 Double-unders
2 Hang Squat Snatch (80-85% of new 2RM)
30 Hand Release Push-Ups RX+ 30 HSPU
30 Double-unders
2 Hang Squat Snatch (80-85% of new 2RM)
30 Pull-Ups RX+ 30 C2B pull-ups
30 Double-unders
2 Hang Squat Snatch (80-85% of new 2RM)
30 Wallballs 20/14lbs 10/9′ RX+ 11/10′ MRX 20/10 9′
30 Double-unders
2 Hang Squat Snatch (80-85% of new 2RM)
30 T2B
30 Double-unders
2 Hang Squat Snatch (80-85% of new 2RM)

Post time to responses.


**CrossFit Jenks is currently without power due to the thunderstorms from earlier this afternoon. As a result, we will be canceling our afternoon classes. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

29 thoughts on “July 14, 2016”

  1. Wasn’t feeling it today, but I did it. That’s all that matters.

    Strength up to 60 lbs

    Scaled Specific reps: to 15 DU attempts, 15 jumping pull ups, 20 V ups, 45 lbs


  2. took me a rather long time to warm up this morning, felt extra stiff!
    2 hang squat snatch
    55-65-75-85-90 (2nd rep was more of a power into ohs, not so smooth)

    wod as rxd w 75# (wb to 10″)
    13:32 or 14:32?

  3. Michelle & Laura are right…definitely one to remember 🙂

    2 Hang Squat Snatches – Worked up to 115# – that’s when the fun really started, lol

    Went ahead and did the WOD and I’m going to go ahead and say that I did it Rx+…the plus being that it was done during some interesting weather – haha

    95# Hang Squat Snatch
    GHD’s in place of T2B

  4. CF Breck
    1 hour gymnastics- focus on handstands
    15 ring rows
    10 HSPU
    5 DB plange

    CF class
    30 DL 155
    40 cal row 2:50
    30 box jumps
    40 cal row 2:53

  5. Ha what a fun class to coach at noon..constantly varied right!? No electricity, no music, no time clock, no air and u all still ended up doing WOD once the tornado warning was called off! Great job to everyone! Not a place i want to be if we would have had to take cover ha..cubby holes in the daycare room would have come in handy i guess for our heads!

  6. Open gym while waiting out the weather…
    Lots of chatting with some light snatches, butterfly pull-ups and HSPU mixed in.

  7. Weather sure made the noon class fun!
    2rm snatch- stopped at 115 since the lights were out lol

    Wod: w/85# squat snatch

  8. Crossfit remedy
    Partner chipper
    300 du (we did sets of 50)
    200 OH lunges 25#
    100 push ups (i did knees)
    75 pull ups
    50 burpees (1 v 1 until completion)
    25 ttb
    800m unison run

  9. Well, I learned to check the website! Drove from Bristow to Jenks for the 6:30 and gates locked!!! So I just drove home and found a WOD that I could do with my limited equipment. (And Breck, I drank your tea!)

    Sounds like the noon one was fun!

    Modified the July 6 Deadlift WOD

    DL Strength
    9 @ 110
    6 @ 120
    3 @ 140
    4 @ 140
    2 @ 160

    30 Deadlifts w/90#
    800M run
    30 20# dumbbell swings
    30 anchored sit ups

    then 15 of everything w/400M run
    and 10 of everything w/200M run

    with 2 minute rest between rounds’

    Time: 20:56 – 4 min rest 16:56

  10. Noon was quite exciting at CF Tornado Shelter

    WOD w/ 95# hang snatch
    Clock issues – ~ 11:00 minutes

    30 GHD’s

    Thanks Jessica!

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