September 19, 2016

Monday 160919

The Final

For time: 
-27 C2B Pull-Ups MRX 27 Pull-ups
Then, 2 rounds of:
-12 Deadlifts 185/125lbs MRX 135/95
-9 Hang Power Cleans
-6 Jerks

Post time to responses.


41 thoughts on “September 19, 2016”

  1. 3 DL+ 2 HPC+1 Jerk
    WOD w/ 105#, Did 10 C2B then 17 pull-ups
    15 Dips
    25 hollow rocks
    30 sec plank Rt & Lt
    15 military sit-ups

  2. 3 DL + 2 HPC + 1 Jerk

    WOD as Rx’d = 7:12…..have to learn to be more efficient at C2B

    Great job 5 am!!
    Happy Monday!!!

  3. Strength complex: 75-85-95-100-105

    WOD w/kipping PLU & 85# (should have gone heavier…)
    Time = 5:08

    20 parallette dips
    25 hollow rocks
    1 min high plank right side
    25 hollow rocks
    1 min high plank left side
    50 french press tricep thingies w/15# plate

  4. Strength complex 3DL+2HPC+1JERK

    135-155-185-205-225 split the last two sets

    Scaled weight should have went prescribed

    WOD w/155#


    Had to leave couldn’t get in the accessory work :/

  5. Some super strong and awesome CF Jenks athletes in that pic. Looking good and almost in unison!
    That workout destroyed me. It hurt me good. Do not know why it was so hard on me. I had no business doing 185lbs, but it sure did not feel like it was the weight that smoked me so bad. My hat goes off to any Master’s that was able to finish this WOD at the CF Games in the time cap with a fat bar. Just for fun I looked at my master’s class and the Stud (Ron Matthews) who won did it in 5:20, 2nd at 6:49 and 3rd at 7:53. Wow!

    3-2-1 Complex = 125 – 155 – 185 – 205 – No more, 205 was it as I want to jerk with my left knee.

    WOD “The Final” = RXd = 8:31 – Should have scaled to MRX at 135 or 155lbs – stared at bar too much, still not sure if it was weight or my mental weakness or physical weakness, it just hurt.

    Core & Shoulder Development: = Complete

  6. Strength 3dl 2hpc 1jerk
    Up to 185lb then failed second attempt at 185lb
    WOD at 135lb
    4sets of 4 ring dips
    Hollow rocks 25
    Hp left 45sec
    Hp right 45sec
    Hollow rock 10
    55lb plate tricep press 2 sets of 15
    Wasn’t sure what French press was.

  7. Strength:
    Up to 190 (failed on my 2nd HC rep) 🙁

    Regular PLU’s


    forearms were burnin’ 🙂 Great job noon class!

  8. 4 mile run right before left me super light headed, lots of breaks during the wod
    Strength cluster
    105-120-130-140-150 (2 rep hc pr!)
    Wod as rxd
    Great push Allie, that was tough in the heat!

  9. 3 Deadlifts + 2 Hang Clean + 1 Split Jerk
    135/185/205/225/245/265(only got 3 Deadlifts and 1 Hang Squat Clean)

    As Rx’d
    Time: 6:12

  10. Great pic!!!

    Cluster w/ Nicole

    WOD as Rx’d: 11:08
    C2b were 2:18- could not get a rhythm tonight. thanks for talking me into 125# Nicole! And Natalie, thanks for cheering me on. That was tough.

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