Thursday, September 23, 2021

The 5:30pm class this Friday, September 24th and Open Gym (10:00-12:00) this Saturday, September 25th will be canceled.  

For time: 
5km Run or Row (annotate time)
30 Muscle-Ups for Time (ring or bar)
30 Double Push-Up Burpee Pull-Ups
Score is each time individually and total time. You start immediately after the 5K.

Compare to August 26, 2015.

17 thoughts on “Thursday, September 23, 2021”

  1. WOD as rxd
    Row – 20:08 (last time rowed 19:16)
    Did double push-up burpee double pull-ups
    Total time: 28:10 PR (last time finished 30:32)

  2. 5K run: 21:27
    Active recovery on Assault bike for remainder of 40:00 cap.
    (Still recovering from Angie, still super sore in the bicep/forearm)

  3. WOD
    As Rx’d
    5km Run=23:24
    30 Bar MU’s (19 Bar/11 Ring)= 9:51
    Total time=33:15

    ….crazy to think about these numbers with where I was at this time last year – good stuff!

    fun class – thanks Breck!

  4. Wod w/5k row & burpee jumping pull-ups using 20in box
    Total time: 38:52
    Row: 25:54.5 (14.7 sec pr)

    2015 time: 43:34 with 26:15.9 row

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