Friday, September 24, 2021

The 5:30pm class today and Open Gym (10:00-12:00) this Saturday, September 25th will be canceled.  

“Double Dumbbell DT”
10 Rounds for time of: 
12 DB Deadlifts 45/30#DB’s Rx+50/35#DB’s MRX40/25#DB’s
9 DB Hang Cleans
6 DB Push Jerks

18 thoughts on “Friday, September 24, 2021”

  1. Strength
    1 Round of DB “DT” unbroken with 55# DB’s

    As MRx’d
    Time: 14:19
    (questioned round count so did extra round – 15:59).

    Good luck to all of our HOA athletes!

  2. Strength
    The 57# DBs

    Wod Mrx (40#)

    Planned on going RX but was too lazy to walk my DB back after figuring out they were 40#.

  3. Strength 20# DBs
    WOD w 15# DBs ~ Should have used 20 as
    I was able to do each round unbroken so today
    was a “participation” day
    Walked 2 miles on Berry Trail

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