May 11, 2016

Wednesday 160511

For Time: 

250m Row or 200m Run

200m Run or 250m Row (opposite of last)

500m Row or 400m Run (opposite of last)

400m Run or 500m Row (opposite of last)

1000m Row or 800m Run (opposite of last)

800m Run or 1000m Row (opposite of last)

** Athletes Choice can Start at Top and Work Down or Start at Bottom and Work Up**

Post time to responses.


36 thoughts on “May 11, 2016”

  1. 15 min: of the choices
    Did 50 pull-ups for time but I added 50 push-ups (finished all 100 reps @ 8:50)
    WOD rx’d: did reverse order
    Started with 800 m run first
    Finished @17:22

  2. 75 Kipping Pull-ups:

    WOD as Rx’d: Starting with 800m run

    800m Farmer’s Walk w/45KB
    100 GHD Sit-Ups

  3. Made sure that I didn’t skip anything this morning.

    30 MU:
    11:50 (super sore shoulders)

    WOD as Rx (1000 m row start)

  4. With a 15 minute time limit:
    30 Ring MU’s-5:18
    right into
    30 Bar MU’s-11:35
    right into
    10 Ring MU’s-15:00

    Started with 1000 meter row
    Time: 12:50

  5. Ok, so I was feeling proud of my 15 ring muscle-ups this morning that included several multiples but now I’m 2nd thinking that feeling considering that Breck did 70 total muscle-ups. Wow!!!! Great job Breck!!!!


    Ring MU practice = 15 in 13:??…..lots of resting obviously

    WOD as Rx’d = 15:51 or 15:52??? Started with 800m run

  6. 15 ring MU in about 6:00
    Then did 30 burpee double pullups

    Every 2 min
    250 m row
    25 push-ups
    Kept up for 6 rds then did 250 m row + 15 push-ups

  7. 30 ring MU- 6:56
    50 C2B pull-ups- 10:20
    5 strict ring MU- 15:00

    Wod w/ .5 mile, 1 mile, and 1.5 mile air dyne (started w/250m row)

  8. ok…so as a member of the chub club, these are the WODs that I love to hate (but deep down – I do enjoy them – when they are over) 🙂

    completed 77 kip pull-ups in 11:02
    *would have like to try for 100 under 15 min but if I did another one I’m positive all six of my calluses would have ripped

    16:54 Rx
    *started with the 1000m

  9. Jordan is a true work horse and horsepower creating machine!
    Love every ones training numbers. Great work so far today at Cf Jenks!!!!
    30 Ring MUs = 5:49 – did all of them in singles wanting to test this method. half (15) no false grip.
    Felt wild and crazy today and put on the Elevation Training Mask for the WOD.
    WOD RX = 15:57
    5x30sec Max Cal sprint 30 sec rest
    2rds of 10 Reverse Hypers – 10 V-ups – 10 Stone Over shoulder 100lbs

  10. Worked on bar muscle ups. Prob did about 20 ctb to my top rib.
    Got two banded muscle ups.
    WOD rx – worked up

  11. 30 c2b in 4:12
    Then 2 bar mu’s before a nice chunky rip
    First time to attempt them since the open – not pretty haha
    Wod rxd (descending order)
    Yay go Dominic on your first mu!!!!

  12. Skill:
    15 Ring MU’s for time
    4:20 ish

    25 – worked on Butterfly PU
    Wod. Rx’d. (1000m row first)

  13. @Bixby before practice
    5×5 rear foot elevated single leg squat @95#
    5×10 Rev Hyper
    3×10 hammer curl to press 30# DB
    5:30 Class
    – 30 Bar MU for time. Ripped at 17.
    20 in 3:10 (11(PR)-4-3-3)
    – 5 min max strict pull ups – 36 (PR)
    WOD as written – 13:48
    @Confused, quick question. Do I get to post RX+ since I did all of the prescribed pre WOD work plus some accessory work before I came in today?

  14. Samantha Morgan

    56 pull-ups, then developed blood blisters so I had to stop 🙁
    WOD w/800m run first – 17:17

  15. 15 ring muscle ups: 4:20
    + butterfly work

    WOD RX: 14:30 (descending)

    Thanks to Nicole, Shan & Jen for the help with Butterfly. Think I’m getting it.

  16. 3 ring MU’s (total of 2 lifetime ring MU’s previously)
    10 pull-ups (out of time)

    WOD: 14:42
    1k row first

  17. Going for 100 pullups
    Got to 70 in 4:18 but had to stop due to tear

    Wod rx starting w 800m run

  18. 15 ring muscle ups in ~7 minutes.
    6 or 7(can’t remember) strict ring muscle ups in remaining time.

    WOD Rxd. Started with running.

    Thanks again for the push, Shannon! You’re awesome.

  19. 5am:
    15 C2B warmup
    Then MU work with Stephanie. Hands still hurt from the Hang Clean workout…not much pull.
    Great Job Steph on those 5 MU!!! They looked great! B you were awesome!
    WOD: 14:40
    Started with 800m run

    Um, Breck, AMAZING!!

    5:30 class
    Excited for Dominic getting his first 3-4 MU!! Yes!
    Back squat with Callan. Cheered for Samantha on her pull-up! Way to go.
    A few butterflies for Toby! You’re looking good!
    In awe of Jennifer and the ease in which she does MU and strict MU.
    WOD…again! Why not?
    14:29 – same order
    Fun day!

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