Saturday, November 12, 2022

In teams of two
2 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter barbell carry (both athletes must carry same bar at the same time)
40 Synchronized lateral jumps over barbell (one athlete on each side of barbell)
500 Meter row (one athlete hangs from pull-up bar while other rows; must switch partners when an athlete drops from bar)
50 Alternating push ups (one athlete in plank while other does push-up)
200 Meter sled push/pull (at the same time, one athlete pulls while other pushes 100 meters then switch)
20 Calorie Ski (one athlete in handstand hold while other skis; must switch partners when athlete comes down from handstand hold)
Barbell loads:
2 Men: 95#
2 Women: 65#
1 Man, 1 Women: 80#

9 thoughts on “Saturday, November 12, 2022”

  1. Wod RX’d W/Breck

    Tough but fun workout!! Good work today breck tried to keep up

    Chase and Chris you guys killed it

  2. Wod w/ Chase
    Subbed 10 synchro burpees for lateral jumps (Chase calf). Rx’d the rest

    *Way to push and gut that out Chase!

    *Great pic Chad!

  3. 16 mile run

    Partner wod with the hubs!

    *last part of HS hold my leg cramped and fell off the wall and quickly tried to recover but couldn’t so quickly popped back up so oopsie – max was going ham on ski erg so didn’t want to disrupt the beast 😀

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