May 30, 2016

Monday 160530

CF Jenks is CLOSED today in honor of Memorial Day.

We are forever grateful to the Men and Women who have given their lives to keep this Great country we live in free and safe and to allow us the opportunity to do what we love!

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!


5 thoughts on “May 30, 2016”

  1. 4 rounds for time of:

    400m run
    25 KBS 35#
    Time = 18:33

    100 anchored sit-ups
    1 min high plank hold
    1 min low plank hold.

  2. Great Pic of Great People and Great Athletes CrossFitting! That’s what CF Jenks is all about! Beautiful Americans!
    Pretty sore from MURPH on Saturday, so I did a post MURPH recovery workout session. Loved it and it did the job of working out the soreness while also getting a fun PUMP on! SWOLE
    C2 Row 250m = 0:55.4 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:59.0
    C2 Row 250m = 0:53.7 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:59.3
    C2 Row 250m = 0: 53.2 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:58.0
    C2 Row 250m = 0:55.3 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:57.7
    C2 Row 250m = 0: 53.8 C2 Ski Erg 250m = 0:55.4

    30 Reverse Hypers
    40 Kabuki Bar Swings
    35 Hip Extensions
    30 T2B (fast)
    30 Swiss Bar Curls
    30 Evil Wheels
    30 DB Curls

    Have a Marvelous Memorial Day!! God Bless the USA!!!

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