December 22, 2016

Thursday 161222

“CrossFit Total with a Twist”

-15min to Achieve a Max Back Squat
-15min to Achieve a Max Bench Press
-15min to Achieve a Max Deadlift

-Order for performing the 3 lifts will be squat, bench press, and then deadlift. Best single attempt for each of the 3 lifts are added together for the CrossFit Total with a Twist.

-Squat, the bar is taken from the rack and has to be placed back in the rack for a successful lift.

-Bench Press, the bar can have help on lift off from rack,a controlled rep touches chest to full lock out, bar can be assisted back in rack. The Butt/Glutes have to maintain contact with bench.

-Deadlift the bar is pulled up until the lifter is standing erect with knees & hips fully extended and shoulders behind bar. The bar is lowered under control with both hands back to the ground. The bar may not be dropped.

Post total to responses.