Saturday, July 2, 2022

In observance of Independence Day CFJ will be offering two morning classes on Monday, July 4th at 8:00am & 9:30am.  All other classes will be canceled.
For time: 
200 Meter partner sled push/pull (one partner pushes while other pulls; switch at 100 meters)
100 Wall ball shots (switch every 10 reps; 50 each)
80 Synchronized over the barbell lateral jumps (same bar; one person on each side)
60 Push press (switch every 10 reps; 30 each with one partner in rack position while other completes reps) 115/80# Rx+135/95# MRX 95/65#
40 Alternating C2B pull-ups (both athletes must be on the bar at the same time to complete reps)
20 Synchronized over the bar burpees (same bar; one person on each side)
Women=Empty Sled

18 thoughts on “Saturday, July 2, 2022”

    1. “If you’re not first, you’re last” so I kinda glanced and can’t recall 100%, but pretty confident it was 14:21

  1. Wod. W/Jen Combs

    Some things RX, somethings scaled, somethings +……modified Combs’ style all in all.

  2. Activator: completed, that’s all I’ll say about that

    WOD Rx w/ Molls
    800M run after WOD with friends
    Thanks Molls- so much “fun”

  3. Partner WODs w/Chrissy
    Activators 6 and 5

    Wallballs 60/40
    Push press 95#/65#
    C2B (10/10) and ring rows (10/10)

    Great job Chrissy!

    KP abs

    50’ unbroken handstand walk

    1. First jumps/steps over the bar
      Second steps burpees w/jumps and steps over the bar

      Push press were sets of 10 each

  4. Partner Activator/Strength with Chris B.
    5 Minutes of Sled Push 45# (down 75′ & back 75′, then switch partners)
    Rounds=10 (5 each)
    5 Min Rest
    5 Minutes of Sled Drag/Pull 45# (Drag down 75′ & Pull back 75′, then switch partners)
    Rounds=7.5 (Chris did 4 and I did 3.5)

    5 Min Rest, then WOD

    Partner WOD
    With Chris B.
    I did 135# Push Press otherwise as rx’d.
    Time: 13:16

  5. Activator:
    Each 5 minute work session
    30 Cal Bike
    400 Meter run
    WOD Mod W/ Caleb
    600 Meter run for me
    Everything Else as Written

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