January 12, 2016

Tuesday 160112

15min AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups RX+ Strict C2B

15 Wallballs 20/14 10’/9′ RX+ 20/14 11/10′ 55+ 20/10 9′

30 Double unders

60ft Bear Crawl RX+ 30ft Handstand Walk

Post rounds and reps to responses.

Justin (Snatch)

31 thoughts on “January 12, 2016”

  1. Skill: worked on handstand walk. 2 attempts emom

    WOD Rx+:

    4 complete rounds + 2 C2B on the 5th

    Finisher: 1 round of ab work w/medicine ball

  2. Skill:
    2 strict Pull-ups with 35# KB EMOM

    WOD w/ strict pull-ups, Rx+ WB, and attempts on handstand walks for 15′ then bear crawl for 45′

    3 rounds + 30 DUs

  3. Skill:
    Mix of 4 C2B Pull-ups and Butterfly Pull-up work

    WOD = 5 or 6 rounds + 30 foot bear crawl???….did some butterfly work before the 5 pull-ups for 3 or 4 of the rounds.

  4. Pull-up Strength Training:
    2-3 weighted strict pull-ups w/20# DB EMOMx10

    Wod rx+ (strict pull-ups, not strict C2B)
    6 rounds+ 3 strict pull-ups

    Core Development

  5. Justin, you are laid back and looking good. NICE!
    Great scores today CF Jenks. Way to spank this WOD.


    5 strict Pull-ups w/ 35lbs even minutes
    5 strict Chin-ups w/ 35lbs odd minutes
    Discovered this is something I have to start working on again.

    WOD RX+ = 4rds + 9 reps
    I believe 1st time to do Handstand walk since 2014 CF Games. Lot of work to do here. Had to do on cement, as yard was wet/muddy. Stoked i can do again. Check out the video at.

    1rd Core Development complete!

    Another humbling day. Gotta love and Keep on CrossFitting

  6. Lookin’ Good, Justin!

    3-5 Butterfly pull-ups ea minute
    **planned to practice butterfly C2B but shoulders were WAY to sore from this weekend

    WOD as Rx’d w/ strict PU’s (not C2B)
    4 Rounds + 3 Wall-ball

  7. Skill:
    EMOM – 12 pull-ups
    All Completed

    WOD. Rx (w/ 30ft Handstand Walk)
    5 rounds + 23 double-unders

    1rd Core Development

  8. Crossfit remedy
    Front squat to 1rm max
    95-115-135-155-165-170(f) 175# is my max

    WOD 21 amrap
    80 du
    20 ttb (did like crunch feet to the air things. Hands still wrecked)
    10 front sqt from floor (115#)
    4 round + 29 du

  9. Strength
    1 muscle up each round with light spot from Erin 😉
    WOD with kipping/butterfly C2B, 10′ WB & handstand walks
    5 rds

  10. 5 EMOTM – 3 strict PU w 35# KB
    5 EMOTM – 3 strict PU
    WOD rx w/ strict PU
    – 6 rds + 5 PU
    1 Rd core development. V-Ups were awful.

  11. Pull up training
    Did 5 for 1st round d then 7 emom. Kipping.

    Wod: kipping pu, handstand walk. Tried a lot but only got a little ways lol. Kept attempting for 30′.
    Finally getting more comfortable with du
    4rds +30du

    2 rds Core
    hip extensions with red bar on back. Unsure # on that bar.

    Great pic Justin!

  12. Skill
    7 min. MU Practice (non false grip)
    3 min butterfly PU
    5 strict CTB (first 4 rds, strict PU last 2 rds)
    15 WB 11′ target
    30 DU
    60 Bear Crawl
    5 rds 30 DU

  13. Great form, Justin!
    MU work
    WOD w/ butterfly pull-ups, 10′ WB, HS walks
    4rds + 14 WB
    Thanks Jay, for the help! Patrick you worked so hard in those HS walks! You’re getting it!
    DB, great video! That shoulder is getting stronger!

  14. Pull up Training
    6 jumping pull ups ea minute

    w/10 jumping pull ups and 15 singles and 15 double ea rd, 10# ball to 9′

    3 rds + PU’s, Wall balls and DU’s

    Great video Dennis! You are the bionic man!

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