December 1, 2016

Thursday 161201

For Time:
1200m Run or 3km A Bike
  3 Rounds of:
-11 Pull-Ups
-11 Dips Ring MRX Bar
800m Run or 2km A Bike
  3 Rounds of:
-11 T2B
-11 Push-Ups
400m Run or 1km A Bike
  2 Rounds of:
-11 Pull-Ups
-11 Dips Ring MRX Bar
200m Run or 0.5km A Bike
  2 Rounds of:
-11 T2B
-11 Push-Ups

Post time to responses.


26 thoughts on “December 1, 2016”

  1. WOD with bar dips
    Got to 6 T2B at time cap.

    Strength out pretty decent and I would have beat the time cap. My left calf tightened up pretty bad to slow me down for the last 2 rounds after the 400m run.

    Dang it’s cold this morning. 24 deg

  2. It was literally FREEZING this morning on those runs!!! And that doesn’t help when you are as slow as me, lol! Great job 5 am!

    WOD as Rx’d with runs = 33:44

    Only did a 1 minute high plank hold after the WOD….too tired to finish the other 2 minutes. 🙂

  3. wod as rx’d with assault bike
    3 min plank hold (unbroken)
    great job syd & mere!! and to all those who braved 25 degree weather this am, that’s amazing!

  4. Brody is one Bad A CF Jenks CrossFitter. Look at him floating on air ready to scrap!

    MOD WOD = 28:49
    3km A Bike – 800m Row – 400m Run – 200m Run.
    YES, that says run. Second attempt at trying to run again. Believe it was successful. Time will tell.
    Also performed HSPU for first set of push-ups each time, all else as written.

    Plank Hold in 2 sets of 2min and 1min

  5. WOD RX: 24:43

    This one looked real good on paper, but the T2B & Dips got pretty ugly there at the end.

    Hi Plank: 2M + 1M

  6. Wod as rx’d with bike:

    Passed out in the truck:

    Just flat out brutal. May have gone too hard on the bike the first round. Pull-ups unbroken (except for one, I forgot the 11th one round), which was a huge milestone for me, so I’ll take it!

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