27 thoughts on “August 27, 2018”

  1. So many great times today – great job nooners! Gives me something to shoot for next year.

    9:10 (PR by 1:06)

  2. @BIXBY
    Squat Cleans
    1@205-225-245-270(f) slid down my chest
    Chain Front Squats
    Fran – 3:34 (:08 PR)
    Thrusters unbroken. Pull ups were a disaster, 8-7, then 2-3-2-2. I blame the power rack bars, not my added body weight.

  3. No Fran

    3 RFT (95#)
    200m Ski Erg
    10 S2O
    10 Ring Dips

    Great job today Jimmy completing Fran after a pukie break….

  4. Fran RX: 4:51. well off a PR, but was happy with the effort, all things considered.

    Purdy – you crushed it!! well dun

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