January 21, 2016

Thursday 160121

TEAM WOD (Teams of 2)

Complete the following for time:

10 Sets (5 each athlete) of 10 Deadlifts (must alternate per set -bar can never rest on the ground, handing bar from one to other)

20 sets (10 each athlete) of 5 thrusters (must alternate per set -bar can never rest on the ground, handing bar from one to other )

2k Row (performed in 500 meter intervals) Non-Row Athlete Must hold barbell in OH position for rower to row (if dropped stop row)

10 sets (5 each athlete) of 5 Hand release Push-ups (one partner holds Plank and other partner does push-ups. Partner must be in plank while other does push-ups.)

**Penalty for setting down the bar is 5 synchronized team burpess, then they can commence back with the workout

** If a team of 3, two partners work and static hold at a time with same rep scheme.

Loads 75/55 95/65 115/80 135/95

James (OTB  Burpee)

19 thoughts on “January 21, 2016”

  1. Two things I learned from this WOD:
    1) If you need an Ego check, do 135#. If you want a bigger Ego check, do 135# and try to compete with AT and Bob Cole (good job fellas)
    2) When DB says “make it a challenge”, always use a lighter load than what you are thinking in your head

    WOD w/ Evan W. at 135#

  2. Yeah, this one just looked dangerous to me, so I opted out.

    5 min Rowing warm up and stretching.
    20 min row for distance = 3860 m
    5 min stretching cool down

  3. I almost didn’t go today because this looked ridiculous. Ha! It was pretty bad, but not as bad as I thought. I’m glad I went. I feel better.
    WOD with Natalie w 65# and dropped to 55# for the OH hold.
    Thanks Natalie!!

  4. Overslept 5 am so garage wod

    50 cal row
    50 p press with 30# dbs
    50 push-ups, lift hands
    50 cal air assault
    11:30 ish

  5. Two things I learned from this WOD:
    1) Never listen to Henry when he suggests what weight to use for a WOD. He’s dumb.
    2) If AT goes to the weight rack and walks away with the same color weights as me, I need to reconsider whatever I was planning to do.

  6. Team with awesome Amy!
    WOd w 2 bars: bar and 55
    The overhead hold with 55 was the toughest, surprisingly!!
    nO BURPEE Penalty!!!!

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